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Four seasons

Part of Kiloren’s magic is its four, very distinct seasons.

Sitting near the top of the Great Dividing Range, the garden experiences glorious calm blue skies and the red, orange and yellow of falling leaves in autumn, crisp winter frosts and snow, an absurdly over-the-top fragrant and beautiful spring, and a summer of white hydrangeas, lavender, and dappled sunlight on mossy lawns under 60 year old oaks, elms, sycamores and lindens.



Edna Walling loved hardy, old-fashioned perennials, shrubs and flowering trees and these thrive in Kiloren.

Forsythia, viburnum, deutzia, kolkwitzia, cherries and crab apples, lilac, magnolia, amelanchier, spiraea flower abundantly in spring.

And classic annuals and perennials such as forget-me-not, aquilegia, flag iris, Italian lavender and honesty provide a succession of fragrance and blossom through to summer.

Over the years, a collection of rare and interesting perennials and shrubs has added depth to the Kiloren plantings. Their selection has been guided by Walling’s planting and design philosophies – tumbling ground covers soften edges and stonework, evergreens balance herbaceous perennials, self-seeding is encouraged (where appropriate), and colours harmonise.